Gentle readers, statistics knows, that the majority of our visitors come from Germany

In addition, to our surprise, a lot of people from countries (in numerical order) such as the USA (during several months even more visitors than from Krautland!), France, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Canada, Turkey, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Vietnam, Norway, Singapore, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Hong Kong, Hungary, Laos, Ukraine, Japan, Finland, Romania, Panama, Nepal and many others that are not detailed mentioned in the account-overview. 

We're of course happy that u visit our site and we are a bit proud about this fact. 
Because of this we have installed a translation-tool to the menu on the right of both Blogs, the "old" blog "Pre-Evo røckz..." and here at StoneAgeCustomZ... 

...called: TRÅNslÅT3
Watch out for it, choose language and use it.

We would like to show respect and make it easier for you to find your way around here. 
Best regards and stay healthy,